Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My name is Fatina Jalambo. This is my second semester, and I am almost half way through.
I am certified in teaching languages other than English (Arabic Grades EC-12) and I have an endorsement in English as a second language Supplemental (Grades EC-12). I have fourteen years of teaching experience. I have authored and designed an Arabic Curriculum book for middle and high school grades (Intermediate/Int H & Novice level) for the Global Educational Excellence (Michigan Public Charter Schools).
Through my job; I got inspired into technology and designing. My interest is in learning new methods to incorporating a new technology into my teaching and curriculum.


I have strong, collaborative skills, and team spirit. I am a social person who loves people.
I am so committed to my students and feel responsible to mold and direct their brains into a positive direction. I believe that integrating technology in their education is the ultimate way to reach them. In order to this I have to master the use of integrating technology to facilitate a better understanding of using online resources. I am looking forward get more inspired in online tools and strategies to customize instructions for different learner levels.

Although teaching is my passion and my life circles around it, I like to give myself a break from the routine. I enjoy traveling. I have been in numerous states for fun, a workshop, or a convention, and I have traveled overseas as well. I love animals—especially horses, dogs, and cats. I am also an artist. I am pretty good with drawing with oil paint and a charcoals, plus I do calligraphy handwriting.



  1. Welcome back! I look forward to another semester with you!

  2. Thank you Dr. Jason. I am so excited to have you again and again. YOU ROCK!