Sunday, January 25, 2015

Unit 1 Prompt

I was exposed to the internet and the use of the computers back in 1992. Before that I never been experience it myself. So I grew with the paper and pen, and my social life was through using the home phone and postal mails.

When I started to teach as a teacher (k-8) in 1998 there was a big use for educational softwares like “Reading Rabbits”. I worked at an urban school. The use of technology like (I Station, X box 360, Play Station…ets) started to grow, later the Cell phones and IPods.

From my readings; Prensky assumed “based on his research” that children today (Millennials) are natives with the digital technology because they grew with it. A lot of the ideas and information he says relates back to my students lives and education now; but Prenskey have used web surveys that all circulate on social media sites in a rich place in Virginia.

I think we should not generate that digital age rules apply on all today’s children; for example there are children these days who are growing in a low income areas that never got the opportunity to use a cell phone or use a computer in their school.
Prensky assumes that digital children are better than adults in technology. We answer for this that they might be better than adults in using the IPhone, IPod, or tablet; but they are not any better in using complex things like educational platforms, google, Microsoft, spreadsheet, power point, blogs and so…

I am from the Generation X (1965-198), which many of them are connected to technology and can do complex things with technology in addition to their critical thinking skills.
There are some similarities and differences between the Millennials (1981-2000) and the Generation Edge (2000-2020), but we cannot tell before the Edge group are young adults in 2020.

The bottom line, we cannot draw our conclusions based on social media researches because it will cover one class or layer of people. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My name is Fatina Jalambo. This is my second semester, and I am almost half way through.
I am certified in teaching languages other than English (Arabic Grades EC-12) and I have an endorsement in English as a second language Supplemental (Grades EC-12). I have fourteen years of teaching experience. I have authored and designed an Arabic Curriculum book for middle and high school grades (Intermediate/Int H & Novice level) for the Global Educational Excellence (Michigan Public Charter Schools).
Through my job; I got inspired into technology and designing. My interest is in learning new methods to incorporating a new technology into my teaching and curriculum.


I have strong, collaborative skills, and team spirit. I am a social person who loves people.
I am so committed to my students and feel responsible to mold and direct their brains into a positive direction. I believe that integrating technology in their education is the ultimate way to reach them. In order to this I have to master the use of integrating technology to facilitate a better understanding of using online resources. I am looking forward get more inspired in online tools and strategies to customize instructions for different learner levels.

Although teaching is my passion and my life circles around it, I like to give myself a break from the routine. I enjoy traveling. I have been in numerous states for fun, a workshop, or a convention, and I have traveled overseas as well. I love animals—especially horses, dogs, and cats. I am also an artist. I am pretty good with drawing with oil paint and a charcoals, plus I do calligraphy handwriting.